Back to the Brickyard! – Round 12

Hi guys,

It’s an awesome weekend ahead as we head back to the Brickyard for Round 12 of our season.

It is such a spectacular weekend this one – as a race fan I love it – being in the same pit area as the NASCAR boys, it’s such a great concept that probably only Roger Penske could pull off!

It’s a real bucket list weekend – if you can’t get to the 500 here, then definitely try and put this on your “to-do” list. 

To watch both series is really awesome – for both categories, and I look forward to Sunday to be able to sit back and watch the Cup boys do their thing. 

Personally, it feels so good to be back to our sport’s holy grail – it’s a second shot at this place.

It’s a chance to make amends for what happened at the 500 when we gave the wall a decent thud. 

But more importantly, a second shot at the road course where we were so strong at the start of May. 

We were on for such a good showing – and had a clear shot at the win when the rain hit in the GP which ruined our chances late.

So I want to make a statement this weekend. 

In many ways, I don’t have much to lose right now and everything to gain – so we will be having a massive swing at a great result. 

We’re 86 points behind championship leader Marcus Ericsson – which is heaps, so we need plenty to go right with five races to run. 

I’m more looking at Pato O’Ward – he’s fifth in the standings, 50 points ahead of me. 

I’d love to finish the season top five – so we’ll have a crack and see where we end up. 

As it is, we’re seventh – so there’s plenty of work to be done. 

It’s a rapid fire weekend, we practice and qualify on Friday before racing on Saturday to clear the way for the NASCAR boys. 

So there’s no time to waste – you have to be on it as soon as we roll out of the truck.

But it’s nice to be back at a track I know reasonably well.  

It’s a great time to be racing – it’s our third weekend in a row so it’s just the best to be in the car consistently as much as we are right now. 

Now, I’ve had plenty of questions on my teammate Josef this weekend. 

It was a real scare how things finished last weekend in Iowa – but I know he’ll do everything he can to be racing with us this weekend. 

He’s in good spirits – which is the main thing. 

A reminder – it’s a Saturday race here – so the early hours of Sunday back home.

Hope you enjoy the action.

Thanks all for the support!


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