Birthday weekend – Round 8

Hi everyone,

It’s my birthday – 29 today!

Feeling good about things after a good week – sitting writing this before our opening practice later this afternoon here in Wisconsin.

I had a cool experience yesterday with a tour of the University of Wisconsin – it was awesome and mind blowing at just the enormity of their setup. 

Met a heap of their players and their head coach and had a full tour of their facilities and home ground – I’m a full sports fan nuffie so it was great to see it all. 

College sport is at this ridiculous level over here – and it’s so popular and there is so much money involved – the base is absolutely first class. 

My spotter Adam Fournier is a lifelong fan and has been cheering for them – so I’m onboard now as a fan after they were so good to me!

I definitely need to get to a game out here one day soon. 

And I’ll leave this here – I think everyone in the program was impressed with my punting! (Check my socials – I absolutely hit it sweet!)

I don’t think they could believe how good I was at kicking.

I’ll tell you a secret – my buddy Tim Hodges from Melbourne came over for the 500 and brought me a new Sherrin. 

Every night in Indy week I went over – just me on my own – having a kick on the golf course, so I was in some form! 

Yesterday was a nice distraction to the grind of where we’re at right now. 

The past few races haven’t been what we want or expect – and I’m dirty to have dropped down to tenth in the championship standings… but it is what it is, right? 

We have to have a better run this weekend, a solid run. 

There’s plenty on the line as well for us. 

Sonsio is back on our car this weekend and they’re the title sponsor of this weekend’s race at Road America – so they expect a good run. 

But I still feel good. 

This place is a radical race track… right up there with Bathurst back home.

So we’ll be giving it our all and we hope for a much better showing than the past month. 

Qualifying again on Saturday (Sunday back home) will be crucial as always – and then we need a slice of luck on race day which seems to have escaped us of late. 

Hopefully a great run is just the birthday present I’m looking for. 

Talk to you after the weekend, 

Thanks for taking the time,

Up the Badgers!

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