Bring on Nashville – Round 13

Hey guys,

It’s an exciting time in our sport right now – as we head for Nashville, one of our biggest events, which is crazy to say in just its second year.

Last year the place was wild – the organisers did such an amazing job.

The street circuit is insane – with the bridge crossing, racing around the footy stadium, with so many blind turns, and the fact it’s only a short walk from the party district lends itself to one wild event!

We go there in a little bit of form – third at Iowa followed by fourth last week at Indianapolis, so I feel good about our chances. 

And our street track form has been really strong this year – both for myself and our team, so here’s hoping it’s a good one. 

It’s great to be in the car for a fourth straight week on the back of Toronto, Iowa and Indy.

I love racing and to do it so much is great for your confidence.  

Looking back on last year’s race at Nashville was hard to do – we’ve come so far in the space of twelve months, but last year was a SHOCKER!

We had near misses, then we were taken out, then we had some more wild moments – including a wild slide off the bridge, and then the ultimate kick in the pills – my teammate speared me off to end our day.

A 22nd was a wild and unflattering way to kick off our Nashville experience – so I’m really confident this year will be better!

Again, qualifying will be absolutely, positively crucial. 

We showed at St Pete to start the year that if you’re up the front you miss all of the commotion which comes, especially on a street track, especially at Nashville. 

So Saturday is pivotal to our chances. 

But at the end of the day – you only have to look to last year at Nashville… the eventual winner had the biggest crash of all of us, yet was still able to box on and get the win. 

That’s IndyCar – it’s bloody wild. 

But I love it. 

I like the fact we’re spaced out a bit more this weekend – practice on Friday and a second session on Saturday allows us time to process how we’re going. I like that. 

Then qualifying before the big race on Sunday. 

Nashville is a cool place – so definitely put it on your bucket list!

Catch the race Monday morning back home. 

I’ll chat to you afterwards.

I also want to just say how pumped I am for the return of the Adelaide 500! 

I’ve loved reading about the new launch… and I love the fact the Killers are playing – how cool is that.

It makes me happy to hear one of the best motorsport events anywhere in the world is back. 

So I’m really pleased for the series and the fans back home.

Thanks guys,


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