Two to go! – Round 15

Hi folks, 

Here we go – the final two races of our year – and it’s never been tighter for the Championship battle in the sport’s history.

It’s awesome to be tangled up in it – and I have no idea how things are going to play out, but it’s great for the sport to have the title fight so ridiculously close. 

For the team it’s great that we have all three of our cars up the pointy end – obviously Will & Josef are at the top of the standings so more focus will be on them – but we’re still in there fighting! 

As it is, we’re 54 points behind Will so we will just give it our absolute best shot and see where we end up. 

All I want ideally are two super solid finishes to round out what’s been a great year for our #3 team – and just let the championship play out. 

It’ll be what it’ll be!

We’ve come so far this season – we have already had a better year than we could ever have hoped for – so now it’s about finishing strong and ensuring we have momentum for next year. 

I’ve been a bit reflective the past week off since Gateway – which as you know is a bit unlike me… 

When I think back to last year, there were times I was wondering why on earth I’d made the leap across the earth to come and race in the USA… and get beaten up each week! 

It was hard yards – and I’ll talk more about it after the season – but I’m just super proud of my team and myself and my crew who stick by me for getting through this and coming out the other side with the results we have to show for it this year. 

Even when it was rocky as all hell last year, I knew if we worked even harder we’d come out the other side on top. 

We had the potential to do some cool things – and I think we’ve achieved that this year – especially with a couple of wins and a couple of poles and a bunch of podiums. 

I’m not satisfied – and I know there’s a whole heap more to do next year – but I’m just really happy (& relieved) that we’ve proven to everyone that we belong over here.

And I do think that – and it’s super important to me – we have been a force this year and we will be a force for many years to come, regardless of how these next two weeks go. 

Which leads me to this week! 

I’m feeling good for the weekend at Portland  – we tested here last week and things went OK. 

I feel like a broken record sometimes here – but we just need to qualify well and be perfect across all sessions to give ourselves the best shot at being up the front for race day. 

IndyCar is SO competitive and this will be such an intense fortnight ahead that we just need to be in the right place at the right time and we’ll all see what happens!

But the season finishes on two epic tracks which I love – so I’m super pumped. 

Hope you’re able to get up for an early breakfast Monday and catch the race back home. 

And we’ll report back afterwards – no regrets – give it our all, right! 


PS. Good luck to my Doggies in their opening Elimination Final in Perth on Saturday night back home in Perth!

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