You beauty! – Round 15

Hey guys,

Well how cool was that?!?!

The perfect weekend – the weekend I’ve dreamt of achieving over here… and now we’ve been able to do it twice this season. 

The only thing that went wrong really for my weekend was the Bulldogs losing back home in the Elimination Final… 

But this was a great weekend. 

Unbelievably satisfying. 

We were fast all weekend in every session which has been a real goal of our #3 team. 

That allowed us to have a major swing at qualifying which netted us pole – our third of the year.

And then we went on to have a brilliant run to win Sunday – our third win for the season. 

So a great year just got even better. 

We move up from sixth to fifth in the standings – and that’s been the aim all season to be running top five in the championship. 

And now we can go to Laguna Seca next weekend with a live chance to win the title. 

We remain mega underdogs obviously – but I like that. 

Doubt us at your peril! 

So it’s a grandstand finish for the sport – the tightest it’s ever been in our championship. 

And that’s great for everyone for our Grand Final. 

Will Power & Josef Newgarden will take most of the headlines and we’ll all be working hard at Team Penske to ensure one of us are winning the title… but if something goes wrong with them, it’s game on!

If we had a weekend like we’ve just had – and some of the boys up the front have troubles, then it could all open right up! 

We’ve come so far this season – and I’m so proud of my team and myself with how we’ve shown to all that we belong. 

Even to have a race like yesterday – to be able to get out the front and stay there. 

We controlled the race, we set the tempo, and we were able to dominate. 

Every time we had to push we were able to, and then even at the end with two icons of the sport breathing down my neck – we were able to comfortably hold our place.

So it was awesome.

We belong here… it’s cool just to say that. 

And then to share a podium with Will & Scotty Dixon was an historic and seriously bloody cool moment.   

The three boys from Australasia have done good! 

So next week we head to the coolest race track in the USA – Laguna Seca. 

Our focus will be pretty simple – just qualify well on Saturday and give ourselves the best shot to be there for race day Sunday. 

The footy starts over here this week so it’ll be a bumper sporting weekend and it’ll be great to play our part. 

We’ll be giving it our all and keep our fingers crossed!

Thanks everyone back home for the support & messages,


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